Have writer's block? Just want to bang out some content right away, but can’t put pen to paper? What if I told you that you can get a computer program to write out your content? “How?” you ask. Read on, my friend, and find out.

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Terrace is a small, quiet town in North Western British Columbia. Linda’s murder rocked the community of 11,000, and more than 20 years later, it still does.

Linda LeFranc — Photo Credit

A nice summer camping trip. A way to get away from the bustle of life and reconnect. The Johnson and Bentley family — 3 generations, decided that heading up to Wells Gray Provincial Park would be the perfect summer getaway.

David Shearing 1982 — cbc.ca

I can't get anything done! This dog of mine is always in my face, giving me kisses. Completely distracting having him around while you try to get anything done. And at the same time, he's my best friend and always brightens my day.

Cosmo — Photo by Author

They said that it was no big deal. You cant get addicted to weed, even mainstream media has made fun of people addicted to marijuana like it’s a joke

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Don’t worry kid, you won't get addicted

I’m going to pose some of the top questions found on various sites to an AI program, just to see what it can come up with. I will write the question, but the answer will be all the AI.

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A case with few clues and a disturbing photograph. What happened to Tara?

Tara Calico — Photo Credit

I will give a prompt to the AI used at inferkit.com called Talk to Transformer, recording the response. My prompt to the AI is the following title:

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We need to learn to take care of ourselves.

There’s no way that reality is fake… is there?

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How many more dead children will be found? More children’s remains have been found at the sites of former residential schools

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Liam Hall

Sometimes I write about crime... sometimes mental health. Sometimes they cross paths. Studying computer security and OSINT Enthusiast

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