What to 3D Print? Why Not Zoidberg?

I’ve spent a lot of time watching Futurama, so when I found a design for my favorite character Zoidberg; I had to print him.

Liam Hall
4 min readMay 11


Just because the original file is a specific size doesn't mean you can't adjust it in your slicing program — Photo by author.

Creator Jasonfull designed this model that I will be printing today. Thingiverse.com is a site where many people post their designs for others to print and enjoy, so you don't have to have any experience making your own designs to get into 3D printing.

The printer I'm using right now is a Flashforge Creator Pro. It's an excellent little enclosed printer that works very well for me. I like that it is enclosed since I have a few animals that really want to watch what the printer is doing.

Click on the model and choose scale on the side. Make sure uniform scaling is selected and you can adjust as needed — Photo by author

This print did load fairly small. The slicing program I’m using is called Flashprint — it's the software that comes with the printer. In Flashprint if you select the model and chose the “scale” selection on the side, you can adjust how large or small your print will be. The “Z” axis is height — it took me a while to figure out which was which.

If you have the uniform scaling option selected, you can adjust the size of your print without changing the overall proportions.

Since Zoidberg has his hands/claws at almost a 90-degree angle from the body, supports must be used — Photo by author

Most figures with arms sticking out to the sides will need some kind of support. It can get confusing sometimes if you try to attach the supports manually, but there is an auto-support option. It doesn’t always work completely, but you can manually add some supports if needed.

After slicing the 3D design you are ready to save the file to print — Photo by author

After that, you can start slicing! When finished you can save the file for printing. With this printer, you have to save the file on an SD card and swap it over to the printer once it is saved. Others can have the file sent directly from the computer.



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