What Happened to the Sodder Children?

The Sodder Children case is one of the most puzzling and mysterious cases in American history.

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The Missing Sodder Children — Photo Credit

On the night of December 24, 1945, the Sodder family, consisting of George and Jennie Sodder and their ten children, went to bed after celebrating Christmas Eve. A few hours later, their house caught fire, and five of their children, aged 5 to 14, disappeared without a trace.

The cause of the fire was never definitively determined, but it was believed to have started from faulty wiring. What is really strange is that no remains of the children were ever found in the ashes. Despite the fact that the fire department and the local authorities searched the site, no bodies or bones were discovered.

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The case became even more mysterious when the Sodders started to receive strange phone calls from people claiming to have seen their missing children.

Some callers demanded ransom money in exchange for the children’s release, but the Sodders never complied.

Another strange detail of the case is that a few months before the fire, a strange man visited the Sodders’ home and asked for work. When George Sodder declined his offer, the man became angry and warned that his house would go up in flames and his children would die.

Furthermore, the Sodders conducted their own investigation and found evidence that suggested foul play. A witness claimed to have seen the missing children in a car with several men, while another found a rubber object that looked like a napalm bomb on their property. Additionally, the Sodders discovered that their phone lines had been cut, preventing them from calling for help during the fire.

Jennie Sodder holding John, her first child — Photo Credit

Despite their efforts, the Sodders never found their missing children or received any answers about what happened that night. The case remains unsolved and has given rise to numerous theories and speculations.



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