The Madman’s Ranch

There is a ranch in Alberta, Canada, that is linked to multiple missing people. The owner of the said ranch is a convicted sex offender and has been luring people to his ranch with the promise of work.

Liam Hall
12 min readOct 27, 2022
Pat Carson — Photo Credit

The name of the ranch changes, probably when word gets out to stay away. The owner changes names as well. Pat Carson, aka Patrick Carson, aka Bill O’Brian, aka Robert Irvine, aka Ed Flynn is a potentially violent, previously convicted sex offender luring victims to his ranch in Sandy Beach & Onoway, Alberta Canada.

Pat Carson was released from Fort Saskatchewan Correctional Center on January 28, 2003, after serving a sentence for “Sexual Exploitation and touching a young person for a sexual purpose.”

He has a criminal record that includes previous convictions for sexual assault, procuring juvenile prostitutes, and choking to overcome resistance. All of these offenses were in Alberta.

The Correctional Services Division of the Alberta Attorney General has designated Patrick Joseph Anthony Carson as a High-Risk Offender.

While you might think, “people can change, and he served his sentence. so what's the problem?” The problem is that he hasn’t stopped. He continues to lure people to…



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