The Harshest Sentence in Canada Since the Death Penalty

There is a special place in hell for traitors and betrayers. The people that have to watch your back have a sacred trust. Breaking that trust for greed grants you a one-way ticket to a very warm place in the afterlife.

Liam Hall


Mugshot of Travis Baumgartner
Travis Baumgartner — Photo Credit

Travis Baumgartner was an armored truck guard working at G4S Cash Solutions in Edmonton, Alberta. Two months into the job, Travis decided to do the unthinkable to make some quick cash.

Travis Baumgartner was in trouble financially. He just got a truck that he really liked, but got himself into pretty big debt to get the truck. Even living in his mom’s basement, he wasn’t making ends meet and was behind on his rent.

After a blowout fight with his mom over him not paying rent, Travis went to work as a trainee at G4S, with 4 other people. 3 of them were trainees as well, and one, Mathew Schuman, had only 3 days on the job.

Everything was going routine that night as the 5 person crew made their way to ATM machines around the University of Alberta grounds.

Travis, along with their trainer, Michelle Shegelski, age 26, Edgardo Rejano, age 39, trainees Brian Ilesic, age 35, and Mathew Schuman, age unreleased stopped at an ATM just after midnight.

Edgardo stayed outside by the armored truck, while the rest went inside to fill the ATM machine. In the small area where they could fill the ATM, Brian and Mathew stooped low to put the cash in the machine while Michelle watched the two rookies work.

Screenshot of Travis Facebook page — Photo Credit

While everyone's back was turned, that's when the 6'4" Travis struck. He drew his .38 caliber pistol and shot Mathew in the left side of the head before shooting Michelle in the back of the head. Brian, he shot twice in the head. For some reason, Travis fired the two remaining rounds into the wall.

None of them had a chance to draw their firearms.



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