The Brutal Murder of Linda LeFranc

Terrace is a small, quiet town in North Western British Columbia. Linda’s murder rocked the community of 11,000, and more than 20 years later, it still does.

Liam Hall
5 min readOct 8, 2021
Linda LeFranc — Photo Credit

He was supposed to be her friend, but he was far from it. Christopher Maurice Alexander snuck into his neighbor Linda LeFranc’s house using a “hidden” spare key that he knew was there.

Christopher said it “was just a simple B&E” but Linda was home sleeping on that December night in 1998 when Christopher decided to enter her home.

He must have been making some noise, because, at some point, Linda woke up and discovered the intruder. The intoxicated Christopher stabbed Linda about 83 times, leaving her bloody body for Linda’s 7-year-old to discover the next day.

It wasn’t long before Christopher was apprehended. He actually showed up at Linda’s funeral and signed the guest book. That signature was later linked to a cheque of Linda’s that Christopher had fraudulently tried to cash.

In 2002 he was convicted of second-degree murder, receiving a sentence of life, without the possibility of parole for 7 years.



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