Lets 3D Print — Highland Cow Planter

I found an adorable design of a Highland Cow planter that I wanted to print, so I wanted to show you how it turned out.

Liam Hall
4 min readApr 21


A Cute Highland Cow by janebygrave

Most of the designs I print I find on thingiverse.com. I have absolutely no experience making my own designs, and this really kept me from looking into 3d printing more. After finally realizing that there are sites like Thingiverse where people share their awesome designs, I decided to get a printer and see if I could make it work.

I'm using a Flashforge Creator Pro 3d printer. I really like that it is enclosed. I have pets and my cat seemed REALLY interested in the printer when it's in use.

It’s gotten some use since I got it about 2 years ago and is showing a little wear and tear. You will notice that in some of the pictures you can see painter's tape on my build plate. Over time, the sticker that comes with the unit will wear, the print won't stick properly, and replacing the sticker on the build plate is like a reset for your build plate.

I’m cheating right now and just using tape because I ran out of replacement stickers, and it seems to work all right. That said, I have trouble printing anything without using a raft — basically printing a thin piece of plastic that you then print on top of. That does work, but removing the raft from the finished product can be a pain, sometimes literally. I think I might need to wear gloves with how many times I’ve cut myself on the sharp plastic pieces of the raft.

It could be the filament that I’m using, but I’m assuming it's the build plate.

and now….

The Cow

Photo by author

So I found this little guy just in time for spring, and I thought a small plant like a succulent would look perfect in it.

You can see the lines in the print from the layers being stacked on top of one another, but I forgot to take a picture of it when it was still attached to the raft, so I can't show you that stage.



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