I was Forced to Install Linux — Pt.2 Gaming on Linux

With my printer still lurking in the background, I prepare to do battle with that set up before I go on to the most important part of my computer — Games!

Liam Hall


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Part 1 of my Linux setup.

I was dreading getting my printer set up. I had heard that it can be hit or miss depending on your distro, but I hoped Mint would be most forgiving when it comes to compatibility.

My Mint desktop is set up much the same way that it was on Windows. Clicking on the LM button in the lower-left corner where the Windows button would have been, a start menu pops up with a handy search bar. Typing in printers gives me a link to the “configure printer” control panel.

I wanted to continue to use my printer through my wifi, so I hit search for printers. My printer quickly pops up, and I'm able to connect and spit out a test page faster than I thought possible.

“Where is the catch?”

This was a straightforward, click-a-button-and-it-works situation. I was expecting a difficult couple of hours of googling possible solutions and it turned out to be a one-click-and-it’s-done. Printing and scanning!

It was simple enough that I thought tackling the main reason that was holding me back from changing over to Linux full time.

Gaming on Linux

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So far getting my laptop back up and running was fairly simple, and so far it has made the old comp run faster. This may be just because I did a full wipe and install, removing everything that builds up that can slow it down.

The main reason I haven't changed to Linux till now is games. I love playing games in my free time, and not being able to use any of the games in my Steam library would drive me insane.

Linux has been given a huge leg up on the gaming end in recent years, and more and more developers are making their games run natively on Linux.



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