Exorcism at a Children’s Bible Camp?

RCMP have confirmed they are investigating “two reports of an incident involving a staff member of the Redberry Bible Camp and a pre-teen boy the evening of July 13, 2022.”

Liam Hall
6 min readAug 29, 2022


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Redberry Bible Camp is a Christian summer camp for kids aged 7–17, located in Hafford, Saskatchewan. It is located less than an hour away from Saskatoon.

Children will be able to learn crafts and take guitar lessons as well as horseback riding and wall climbing. They have a beautiful camp with many activities for your children to learn and make lifelong friends.

Recently, Redberry Bible Camp has come under fire after a staff member performed an “exorcism” on a young boy that left him twitching on the floor, bleeding from his nose.

The staff member in question has very concerning posts on his Facebook page where he tells about his recent and lengthy addiction to drugs and porn, his history of domestic violence, and his firing from his previous job as a camp counselor.

The camp has faced pressure from the public over this incident and as of this writing, their Facebook page and Instagram page seem to be down.

Parents are asking how could this person have been hired to work with children.

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“This is just nuts. Absolutely astounding,” said Ailsa Watkinson, a University of Regina professor emerita of social work with a specialty in child protection. “If that was my child, I’d be horrified.”

The camp confirmed with CBC News that this person was “no longer on-site,” but didn’t say much else.

“I will tell you that we are investigating the situation…. I’m not prepared to discuss it at this point,” Redberry Bible Camp board chair Wayne Dick said in a phone interview earlier this month. “I can assure you [the worker] is not at the camp.”

The incident allegedly took place in July when two witnesses reported a child was in medical distress lying on the floor, whimpering and twitching, bleeding from…



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