Cody Legebokoff — Canadian Teen Serial Killer

One of Canada’s youngest serial killers, Cody Legebokoff was convicted of killing 4 women in the Prince George, BC area. One of his victims, Loren Donn Leslie aged 15 is one of the official Highway of Tears victims.

Originally from Fort St. James, Cody moved to Prince George after he graduated from Fort St. James secondary school. His friends described him as athletic and friendly and were quite shocked to find out about his crimes.

In November of 2010, RCMP officers pulled over a pickup truck suspected of speeding. Two officers approached the vehicle to speak with the driver. That driver was Cody Legebokoff. Immediately the officers noticed that Cody had blood smears on his face and chin, and a quick look into the cab of the truck revealed a pool of blood on the floor.

RCMP detained Cody and searched the vehicle, finding a bloody wrench and multitool, a monkey backpack and a wallet that contained a children’s hospital card with the name Loren Leslie on it. When the officers asked Cody about the blood on his face, Cody said that he was hunting deer and had clubbed one to death. Poaching deer would be more accurate.

He had clubbed the deer because, in his words “I’m a redneck, it’s what we do for fun”.

RCMP called a Wildlife Conservation Officer with tracking skills who was able to track Cody’s tire tracks. They made a horrifying discovery when the Wildlife Officer tracked Cody’s movements, not to the body of a bleeding deer, but to the body of 15-year-old Loren Donn Leslie.

RCMP were later able to connect Cody Legebokoff to other murders through DNA, making him one of Canada’s youngest serial killers.

Cody Legebokoff was convicted in 2014 of murdering Jill Stacey Stuchenko, aged 35, mother of five, found in a gravel pit outside Prince George.

Cynthia Maas, aged 35 found in a park a month after going missing. Cynthia had brutal injuries including a broken jaw and cheekbone as well as injuries consistent with someone ruthlessly stomping on her.

Natasha Montgomery, aged 25, went missing and her body was never found, but her DNA was found in Cody’s apartment, and on an axe that Cody owned.

Lastly was Loren Leslie, aged 15, was legally blind, with no vision in one eye and about 50% in the other. She allegedly met Cody online at a social media site Nexopia where Cody went by the handle “1CountryBoy”.

Cody was tried for 4 counts of 1st-degree murder. During his trial, Cody said that he was “involved” in the killings but that the actual murders were carried out by a drug dealer and his accomplices that he referred to only as “X, Y, and Z”. The court did not believe his version of events and denied his attempt to change the charge to the lesser 2nd-degree murder charge.

On September 11, 2014, Cody Legebokoff was found guilty on all 4 counts of 1st-degree murder and sentenced to 25 years with no parole. The judge also added his name to the National Sex Offender Registry due to the sexual acts and degradation of the bodies he committed as part of the murders.

B.C. Supreme Court Justice Glen Parrett said of Cody Legebokoff, “He lacks any shred of empathy or remorse, he should never be allowed to walk among us again”. Court Justice Glen Parett also stated that all four of the murders were committed during a sexual assault or attempted sexual assault.

He added that without the luck of the RCMP officer that had a hunch and pulled Cody over for suspected speeding, they may not have caught Cody for some time, “the grief and horrors we heard from the families may well have been simply a precursor…”. Cody was 20 years old when he was caught, with no indication that he would have stopped. His list of victims could have been

substantially longer.

To add insult to injury, Cody Legebokoff could apply for parole through Canada’s “Faint Hope Clause” after 15 years in jail. Even though the Clause was amended so that people who commit multiple murders could not apply, Cody’s murders occurred before the Clause was changed.

Even after overwhelming evidence including DNA pointing to Cody as the murderer of these 3 women and one girl, Cody never took responsibility for his crimes at trial. He had maintained that Mr “X, Y, and Z” actually murdered those women. He even went so far as to admit that he had hit Loren Leslie “twice at the max” with that bloody pipe wrench found in his car, but that he did not kill her.

Cody appealed his sentence in 2015, but the BC Court of Appeals upheld his original conviction.

Although Cody was 19 at the time of the murders, he is not Canada’s youngest serial killer. Peter Woodcock was 17 when he raped and murdered 3 children in Toronto, but he was found not guilty by reason of insanity. Even so, Peter Woodcock spent the rest of his life behind bars and killed another inmate during his incarceration.

I don’t think that Cody would have stopped killing. The prosecution in his case alleges that the 3 women were sex trade workers and Cody used them to get cocaine. You don’t just all of a sudden stop using cocaine. Eventually, Cody would need another fix and his M.O. was to use prostitutes to get what he wanted. In at least 3 cases Cody murdered those women.

Which makes me wonder, did he murder other women that we don’t know about? I’m not a psychologist but in most cases, don’t murderers build-up to killing? Starting with abuse and assault and eventually graduating to murder. I would not be shocked if he had more victims.

Loren is a bit of an enigma to me. She was much younger than Cody’s other victims, and she was not a sex trade worker. Just a kid. Try to imagine that. A nearly blind child that was wearing a monkey backpack.

It is important to remember that Cody’s other victims however you feel about sex trade workers are still people. By all accounts, all of his victims were good people and had families who loved them, and children that miss them.

Criminals and murderers often target sex trade workers because they believe that they will not be missed, or at least won’t be noticed missing till long after the crime is committed. This is an unfortunate fact, one of the main reasons why the infamous pig farmer Robert “Willie” Pickton was able to murder 49 women and not be caught for so long.

Loren Leslie is listed as an official Highway of Tears victim by E-PANA, RCMP`s task force investigating the missing and murdered women on Highway 16 in BC. This makes Cody Legebokoff another serial killer, like Bobby Jack Fowler, that used this highway as his hunting grounds.

How many more are there?

Thanks for reading. See you next time.

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