Canadian Bomber — Joseph Albert Guay

Albert wanted away from his wife. Divorce? No! Blow up a plane!

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Albert Guay worked in Quebec's jewelry and watch industry in the mid-40s. He had a wife, a recent daughter, and a young mistress on the side. In 1948, rumors about his relationship with a woman nearly half his age reached the ears of his wife, Rita.

The young mistress, Marie-Ange Robitaille, was thrown out of her house. Desperate because his young love is now homeless, Albert asked his friend Marguerite Ruest to take her in.

In a year, Marie-Ange would leave Albert to move back home, and his wife Rita would take their daughter and move in with her mother.

Albert now had nothing, so he hatched a plan. He had to kill his wife. Then he could be with Marie-Ange. But, how should he do it? He asked a buddy to slip his wife some poison, who refused.

Joseph-Albert Guay and his wife Rita — Photo Credit

Alberts's plan evolved. He was taking inspiration from a news article in the New Yorker that was reporting on an airplane bombing in the Philippines. He thought that a bombing would be harder to link back to himself.

He asked the brother of his friend Marguerite to build a bomb using dynamite, batteries, and an alarm clock. Marguerite bought the explosives while her brother Généreux, who was a clockmaker, manufactured the detonation device.

On the day of the ill-fated flight, Albert took a life insurance policy out on his wife for $10,000.

Canadian Pacific Airlines Flight 108

Rita boarded the plane, not knowing that Marguerite had delivered a package to the plane for mail delivery.

The bomb that the three had come up with was designed to go off at a certain time of day, so Albert figured out that at a specific time, the plane should be flying over the Saint Lawrence River. If the plane crashed into the river, it would make any evidence gathering extremely difficult with the technology at the time.

The bomb was set for this time, but there was a small snag. There was a delay, and the plane took off 5 minutes late.



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