“Basically, I turn into a monster at times”

Shawn Lamb was a career criminal whose crimes started in the 70s, escalating to the murders of at least 3 women.

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When a killer teases information about his crimes, should you negotiate and try to get more clues?

Shawn Lamb — Photo Credit

Shawn Lamb was arrested in an unrelated manner in Winnipeg, in 2011. While in custody he abruptly admitted to murdering 3 women.

Carolyn Sinclair

Carolyn Sinclair, 25, was killed on December 18, 2011. Shawn said that they met at a crack house. The two of them went back to Shawn’s apartment to smoke the drugs they had just purchased. According to Shawn’s statement about the murders, Carolyn grabbed the remaining drugs and locked herself in the bathroom after they both smoked crack.

Shawn picked up an ax handle he had lying around and broke down the door to the bathroom. A struggle ensued over the drugs and Shawn beat Carolyn with the ax handle till she fell to the floor.

In Shawn’s statement, “he said that she remained conscious so he proceeded to choke her with his hands until she lost consciousness and died.”

He kept Carolyn’s body in his apartment for a few days before putting her in a duffle bag and dumping her body near a garbage bin.

Her body was not discovered until March 31, 2012. DNA evidence did place Carolyn inside Shawn’s apartment, but that was it.

Lorna Blacksmith

Shawn also murdered Lorna Blacksmith, age 18. In a similar situation, Lorna and Shawn were smoking crack when, according to Shawn, Lorna grabbed his phone to call for more drugs.

Shawn said he then knocked her to the floor and choked her with his telephone cord. He continued to say that he attempted to revive her afterward but was unsuccessful. Shawn then stole some plastic sheeting from a nearby construction site and wrapped up Lorna’s body. He dumped her being an abandoned building, and her remains were undiscovered for 6 months.

By that time, Lorna’s body was in an “advanced state of decomposition” and an autopsy couldn’t even tell…



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