A Canadian cult leader sounds bad, but like a little brother to a REAL cult leader. Bad, but could-be-worse kinda thing. Canada has cults, operating right now, and are every bit as horrible and terrifying as anywhere else in the world.

Trigger Warning — this story is not for the faint of heart, and deals with physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Take this as a warning from someone that researches crime all the time — this story made my stomach a little queasy.

Roch Thériault was a Canadian cult leader that…

Convicted sex offender Matthew Twyne has almost 100 criminal convictions, including seven for committing indecent acts in public, as well as other offenses including assault, thefts, and repeated breaches of court conditions.

Matthew had been bound by a year-long special order with more than two dozen strict conditions meant to limit his activities for the purpose of public protection. That order expired one week before his arrest in October 2020.

A registered sex offender for life, Matthew is banned from attending public…

Even though Jon Riley was reported missing in 2013, it is only now that police are investigating his disappearance

Jon Riley went missing in the spring of 2013. The 47-year-old man left his home in Meaford, Ontario, to spend a few days in Toronto. He has not been seen since. Investigators are not even sure if Jon even made it to Toronto.

Jon’s sister Judi has been relentless in…

Have writer's block? Just want to bang out some content right away, but can’t put pen to paper? What if I told you that you can get a computer program to write out your content? “How?” you ask. Read on, my friend, and find out.

For this example, I am going to use a website called Text Synth. This site uses predictive text, similar to your smartphone predictive text feature, and attempts to complete a paragraph or so based on what you put into it.

So if we go to the site, you will see…

Terrace is a small, quiet town in North Western British Columbia. Linda’s murder rocked the community of 11,000, and more than 20 years later, it still does.

He was supposed to be her friend, but he was far from it. Christopher Maurice Alexander snuck into his neighbor Linda LeFranc’s house using a “hidden” spare key that he knew was there.

Christopher said it “was just a simple B&E” but Linda was home sleeping on that December night…

A nice summer camping trip. A way to get away from the bustle of life and reconnect. The Johnson and Bentley family — 3 generations, decided that heading up to Wells Gray Provincial Park would be the perfect summer getaway.

What they couldn’t have known is that their trip would have a stalker. Someone that knew the land and its many back roads. Someone that saw the family camping.

David Shearing.

Bob and Jackie Johnson, their two daughters; Janet, age 13, and Karen, age 11, and Jackie’s parents, George and…

I can't get anything done! This dog of mine is always in my face, giving me kisses. Completely distracting having him around while you try to get anything done. And at the same time, he's my best friend and always brightens my day.

This is my Golden Retriever, Cosmo. He's just about 2 years old, and he has been my shadow since I brought him home.

The poor guy though is scared of pretty well everything. Cosmo is not a small dog. If he decided that he wasn't going to back down and…

Liam Hall

Sometimes I write about crime... sometimes mental health. Sometimes they cross paths. Studying computer security and OSINT Enthusiast

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