A.I. can perform pretty amazing feats that not too long ago people wouldn't have believed could be done. Such as writing poetry. Sometimes it can knock it out of the park, and others; a swing, and a miss. Here are some of the hits, and misses, that came up when A.I. writes poetry.

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1. The Dry And Secret Hammer

The girl screamed as the creature’s hideous maw inched closer to her face.

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Let's see how well an A.I. program can write a story. With a short prompt, programs can complete stories, but how well does it pan out? The following is a short story about a man named Steve, written mostly by an A.I., with simple edits for flow.

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Canadian doctor Thomas Neill Cream murdered as many as 10 people in Canada, the United States, and Britain between 1877 and 1892

Dr. Thomas Neill Cream. Photo Credit

Ground-penetrating radar used at the former Residential School in Kamloops has discovered the remains of over 200 children

Former Kamloops Residential School — photo credit

Because being a bigoted transphobe who promotes conspiracy theories just isn't enough apparently.

Barry Neufeld — photo credit

The highway of tears, a lonely highway stretching from Prince George to Prince Rupert, named because of the high number of mostly indigenous women who have gone missing or were murdered along the highway.

Canadian Encyclopedia

Genetic DNA testing has linked a family to a 30-year-old Canadian cold case.

Susan Tice (left), and Susan Gilmour(right) — TorontoSun

Erin Gilmour

For over 60 years the identity of a small child’s remains has eluded investigators.

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The Wendigo possesses supernatural strength and can move as fast as the wind. It is also cursed with a supernatural hunger and craves only one thing; human flesh.

Wendigo by Monkey Paw on Deviant Art

L Hall

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