I’m going to pose some of the top questions found on various sites to an AI program, just to see what it can come up with. I will write the question, but the answer will be all the AI.

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Using a site called Talk to Transformer, I input the question and write down the response. If the response doesn’t fit well with the question, I’ll make it redo it until everything makes sense. If I want a longer post, I can copy the response and use that for the input — essentially letting Talk to Transformer continue writing on the same topic.

Here are the questions I posed to the AI:

The name refers to the peak of Mount Rainier in Washington state, one of the most prominent volcanoes in the United States and the highest peak east of…

A case with few clues and a disturbing photograph. What happened to Tara?

Tara Calico — Photo Credit

19-year-old Tara left her home on Brugg Street in Belen, New Mexico around 9:30 am on September 20th, 1988 riding her neon pink Huffy mountain bike to go for one of her routine bike rides. She was supposed to be home at 12 o’clock and go out with her boyfriend at 12:30 but she did not return.

No one saw what happened to Tara, but 7 people came forward to say that they saw Tara biking back towards her home at 11:45 am. Witnesses noticed she had her headphones on, and an older model pickup truck was seen behind her…

I will give a prompt to the AI used at inferkit.com called Talk to Transformer, recording the response. My prompt to the AI is the following title:

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We need to learn to take care of ourselves.

Acknowledging this has a great deal of value for those who are in relationships with us. When we respect ourselves, we are able to understand how other people need to be respected and we are able to step in when respect has been shown.

For those who are not in relationships, respect and consideration for those we meet is equally important. Recognizing the basic rights of everyone is the beginning of respecting others.

There’s no way that reality is fake… is there?

Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash

Experts have deduced that the chances that we live inside a simulation are about a 50–50 chance. One of the thoughts behind the simulation idea is that there must be a limit to the processing power used for our simulation. So if we do live inside a simulation, there must be a limiting factor.

An example used is the speed of light. So far light speed is the limit to how fast something can move, and this is linked to the limited computing power running our simulation.

“It is possible that I am dreaming right now and that all of…

How many more dead children will be found? More children’s remains have been found at the sites of former residential schools

Photo by Udayaditya Barua on Unsplash

I remember the first time I heard about residential schools. At the time, the term confused me. I thought it was like SimCity, and residential just meant the place where people lived.

Later, when I learned what a horrible thing the Canadian Residential School system was, I thought that it was something that had happened many, many years ago. A few years after graduating I found out that the year I graduated was when the last Residential School closed its doors for good. This is not something that happened at the turn of the century; this is happening now.


Using a GPT-2 language model, you can use a predictive text automation to basically write posts for you.

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What happens when you let an AI text writer write a post for you? The answer is pretty simple. They’ll make a mistake, and you’ll be able to find it. That mistake could come in several forms. A small edit is all you need to get things back on track, and sometimes a complete rewrite is needed if it really doesn’t make sense.

This post is mainly written using Text Synth, with gentle nudging to keep the post going in the right direction. But sometimes it takes you back to a good old fashioned hand-wrote blog post. That’s fine! …

A.I. can perform pretty amazing feats that not too long ago people wouldn't have believed could be done. Such as writing poetry. Sometimes it can knock it out of the park, and others; a swing, and a miss. Here are some of the hits, and misses, that came up when A.I. writes poetry.

Photo by Jozsef Hocza on Unsplash

1. The Dry And Secret Hammer

Whose hammer is that? I think I know.
Its owner is quite happy though.
Full of joy like a vivid rainbow,
I watch him laugh. I cry hello.

He gives his hammer a shake,
And laughs until her belly aches.
The only other sound’s the break,
Of distant waves and birds awake.

The hammer is dry, secret and deep,
But he has promises to keep,
After cake and lots of sleep.
Sweet dreams come to him cheap.

He rises from his gentle bed,
With thoughts of kittens in his head,
He eats his jam with lots of bread. …

The girl screamed as the creature’s hideous maw inched closer to her face.

Photo by Elti Meshau on Unsplash

“No! No! You can’t kill me!” The girl was pleading now, as the beast looked down on her from the ceiling.

“Hang on, little miss. Maybe there is something we can do. You are right about that old bird. He is not so very old. I wonder if he can still help you?” The girl stared at the creature, the monster looking back at her in the darkness.

The girl screamed again as the creature closed in. Her eyes were wide as the beast grew closer. The beast closed in, its teeth glinting in the flickering candlelight.

“Don’t you dare…

Let's see how well an A.I. program can write a story. With a short prompt, programs can complete stories, but how well does it pan out? The following is a short story about a man named Steve, written mostly by an A.I., with simple edits for flow.

Photo by Andrea De Santis on Unsplash

Steve leaned against the cold wall of the dark alleyway, taking a long drag from his cigarette. Foam curled around the mouth of his coffee cup.

When he pulled his lips off of the cold ceramic, Steve thought he tasted a little bit of vodka.

He remembered his dinner plans from this morning and cringed. He hadn’t done anything with his life yet, but he had already f**ked up what would have been a very nice night of dinner and talking with Jess. …

Canadian doctor Thomas Neill Cream murdered as many as 10 people in Canada, the United States, and Britain between 1877 and 1892

Dr. Thomas Neill Cream. Photo Credit

Thomas Neill Cream was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1850, but in 1854 his family moved to Wolfe’s Cove, near Quebec City. He attended university in Montreal where he completed his medical degree in 1876, continued to St Thomas’s Hospital Medical School, and later completed additional qualifications in Edinburgh before returning to Canada to practice medicine in London, Ontario. Dr. Cream’s thesis was written on the effects of chloroform.

In 1876, Thomas got a woman named Flora Brooks pregnant, attempted to perform an abortion on her, and almost killed her while aborting her baby. …

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