The Wendigo possesses supernatural strength and can move as fast as the wind. It is also cursed with a supernatural hunger and craves only one thing; human flesh.

Wendigo by Monkey Paw on Deviant Art

The Wendigo is thought to be able to cause an illness called wendigo fever. This disease is thought to be one of the ways the wendigo is able to obtain victims to eat. It is said to start with a strange and disturbing smell. The only person who can detect the foul smell is the infected person. When the victim falls asleep they will be plagued with terrible nightmares that will cause them to wake up and weep from fear. When they wake, they will begin to feel a terrible burning sensation in their legs and feet which causes them…

Russell Maurice Johnson would watch his victims sleep for hours before assaulting them.

Russell Maurice Johnson — The Bedroom Strangler. Canadian Crimeopedia

Russell Maurice Johnson is a Canadian serial killer and rapist that operated in the mid-70s in London and Guelph, Ontario. Russell would stalk potential victims, scaling the sides of buildings to peer through the windows of women while they were sleeping.

Dubbed “The Bedroom Strangler” by the media, Russell Maurice Johnson is one of the most prolific serial killers in Ontario’s history. The Bedroom Strangler is responsible for at least 7 murders and quite possibly many more than that, especially when you learn that there are another 11 women that he assaulted but survived the attack.

If you live in…

How would you know? A true subliminal message you would never notice.

Photo by OSPAN ALI on Unsplash

Why try to hide a “message within a message”?

A subliminal message is a hidden message that your conscious mind does not register, such as flashing a few frames of something in a video so you don't really notice, or hiding a word in the graphic of a logo. The idea is that these hidden messages can influence people without them even knowing it is happening.

One of the most famous examples of subliminal messages has to be from the 2000 United States Presidential Election when Al Gore accused Republican campaign managers of using a subliminal message in an attack ad. …

The Willard Library in Evansville, Indiana is so haunted, you can even watch the library over their webcams in the hopes of catching a ghost on cam. To some, this might seem like a fantasy, but some of those pictures are awfully convincing.

Willard Library. By Nyttend

Haunted by the famous “Grey Lady”, since 1999 you can go to the Library’s website and watch via webcam and try to catch a ghost. First seen in the 1930s the Grey Lady has been seen by visitors and staff for over 80 years.

Willard Library itself has been standing for over 110 years and is the oldest public library in the state of Indiana. Currently, Willard Library is a hotspot, not for ghosts, but for the virtual ghost hunters that frequent the site hoping to catch a glimpse of the mysterious Grey Lady.

People visiting the library have experienced…

The Gustafsen Lake Standoff has been described as the largest paramilitary operation in Canadian history

Gustafsen Lake Occupiers.

The standoff was the boiling point over the use of First Nation’s land by non-First Nation’s people. It began in 1995. The land itself that, according to the Canadian Government belonged to ranch owner Lyle James.

The problem stemmed from the fact that the land traditionally belonged to the Shuswap people, and no treaty had ever been signed over the use of their lands. So we have two groups claiming to own the land at Gustafsen Lake.

It seems at first, things seemed to go smoothly. In 1989, Faith Keeper Percy Rosette and other Shuswap elders had a vision of…

I'm not sure why my go-to emotion seems to be anger and frustration

Photo by Ángel López on Unsplash

It's almost like my reaction to most situations is frustration. It’s a constant struggle to keep my thoughts going to that anger, and I find that if I don't keep that conscious control in my head, my brain just slips back into that frustration mode again.

I can recognize that I do have anger issues. It's not like a physical thing, I just get pissed off and find that I let these asshole snarky comments out without even realizing what I'm doing.

Maybe I expected more out of my life. I’m not sure. I almost feel cheated. Like looking back…

My little town seems to be getting big town problems.

Terrace BC. Photo Credit

I grew up in the town I live in. Been here for 40ish years. It used to be a place where you could go to sleep with your doors unlocked and not have to fear that anything would happen in the night.

I think things really changed for us here around the time one of the main employers for this town shut down. We used to be a small forestry town, but when the mill closed here a lot of people left and a good chunk of the well-paying jobs disappeared.

The morale of this town since the closure has…

One of the worst fires in Canadian history, the fire in 1972 claimed 37 lives and injured another 54

The Blue Bird Cafe. Global News

In Montreal, 1972, the Blue Bird Cafe and the Wagon Wheel bar above it was a popular spot for young adults to hang out. It was a lively spot that offered music, drinks, and dancing.

September 1, 1972, Labour Day weekend. The Blue Bird was packed with people laughing and having a good time. More than 200 people were at the bar that night.

Seemingly out of nowhere, the bar started to fill with smoke. People described the smoke as so thick it was black. …

Police driving First Nations people to the edge of town in sub-zero temperatures, before taking their clothes and kicking them out was nothing short of murder

Photo by adrian on Unsplash

Also known as the Saskatoon freezing deaths, the Saskatoon Police Service is directly responsible for the deaths of three First Nations men, Rodney Naistus, Lawrence Wegner, and Neil Stonechild. Rodney and Lawrence died in 2000 while Neil died in 1990.

These men, who were allegedly intoxicated, were picked up by the Saskatoon Police in the winter, stripped of warm clothes, driven to the outskirts of town, and forced to make their own way home, in some cases in deep snow.

How the police couldn’t see what the outcome of these actions would be is laughable. The police stopped just short…

Research shows that crimes against transgender people are frighteningly high.

Photo by Matt Popovich on Unsplash

Whether because of hatred or intolerance, violence against transgender people is alarmingly high. Even in Canada, where we preach tolerance and equality, according to a research study done in Ontario, 20% of trans Ontarians “had been physically or sexually assaulted for being trans, and another 34% had been verbally threatened or harassed, but not assaulted”. It continues by saying that many transgender people “did not report these assaults to police; in fact, 24% reported being harassed by police.”

If those numbers weren’t enough to scare you, let us look at the statistics for gender-diverse and Two-Spirit Indigenous people.

L Hall

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