3D PLA Printing and 3D Resin Printing: Exploring Pros and Cons

What’s better for what job? Are there different types of print that work better for different printers? Let's look at 2 popular types of 3D printing materials; PLA and Resin prints.

Liam Hall
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The field of 3D printing has revolutionized manufacturing and rapid prototyping, offering diverse materials and technologies to bring digital designs to life. Two popular methods of 3D printing, PLA printing, and resin printing, have gained significant attention due to their unique characteristics. I use both materials depending on what Im printing at the time.

Here is a rundown on the two materials and the pros and cons of each:

Printing Materials

PLA Printing Pros:

  1. Environmentally Friendly: PLA, a biodegradable and renewable material derived from cornstarch or sugarcane, offers a sustainable option for 3D printing.
  2. Easy to Use: PLA is more user-friendly and has a lower printing temperature compared to resin, making it suitable for beginners and hobbyists.
  3. Lesser Odor and Toxicity: PLA emits a mild, sweet odor during printing and poses minimal health risks, making it a safer choice for home or educational settings. Some printers are enclosed, and I didn’t notice any smell at all with mine.
Photo by Karl Hörnfeldt on Unsplash

PLA Printing Cons:

  1. Limited Mechanical Strength: PLA exhibits lower mechanical strength and durability compared to resin, making it less suitable for functional or load-bearing applications.
  2. Reduced Detail Resolution: Due to its lower viscosity, PLA can have limitations in achieving intricate details and fine surface finishes.
  3. Temperature Sensitivity: PLA becomes more susceptible to deformation under high temperatures, limiting its use in applications that require elevated heat resistance.

Resin Printing Pros:



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